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Come Groove With Me

1.Unorthodox (The Warmup)

2. Pandomonium

   3.Stanky Fusion (Featuring Johnathan Fritzen

   and Elan Trotman)

   4. Come Groove With Me

  (Marcus Anderson)


5. Tranquility (Featuring Elan Trotman)

6. You Make Me Smile (Featuring Tony Lelo)

7. Playing It Cool

8. Baila Conmigo

9. Take Me Away

10. I Trust You (Featuring Gabriel Bello 

11. Tis So Sweet (Featuring Gabriel Bello)

12. Unorthodox (The Drum Shed)

13. Come Groove With Me (Instrumental)

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1. Versatility
2 Groovin' Time
3 Let's Ride
4 You Are The One
5 So Incredible
6 Lost Without Your Love
7 More of You
8 Midnight Breeze
9 I Adore You More
10 Monte Carlo
11 You're So Good
12 Thank You
13 My Worship (Old School)
14 My Worship (New School)
15 Material Things

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Come Groove With Me - Paul Whitley

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